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The custom of Urumqi -- horse race

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  Horse race

The Kazakstan of Xinjiang, Mongolia, Keerkezi, Dajike and the nation such as Weiwuer love horse race, especially the Kazakstan herdsman that for generations grows on prairie of Mount Taishan of Er of day hill, A, it is to love horse race sport more, of its contest craft excellent, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person. Be in yuan, bright, in clear historical data, horse race of much place account and photograph of military service system are united in wedlock, become at that time a system of the country. The horse race motion in those days or of the royal blood dignitary people one of important recreation projects, the day that celebrates in the section commonly is held. After liberating, sports of tradition of this kind of nation on Kazakstan prairie had very big development, royal festival often holds the horse race plenary meeting of of a mass character, champion horses is known as “ to do obeisance to Gaiate the equestrian) with best ”(, outstanding caballero gets award.

In recent years, horse race added a lot of Xinjiang items again: The fire on steeplechase horse, point-to-point, polo, horse, break off perverse, full-dress steps contest and carriage control contest, very alarmingly dangerous and wonderful.

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