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Urumqi recreation is seen without exception

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Xinjiang has since ancient times " the countryside of singing and dancing " praise say, the every nationality people of laborious wisdom can dance of song be apt to, created brilliant history and bright culture. Black city is preliminary already formed more complete culture career system, the performance such as drama of music, singing and dancing, operatic, modern drama, Beijing opera, acrobatics, Shaanxi opera, melody is artistic 100 flowers bloom; Canvas, drawing, woodcut, calligraphy, sculpture, photography, arts and crafts contend for strange bottle colourful; Dub of film of film produce a film, nation, teleplay is made and the film is issued show already became a system oneself. Rich and colorful of activity of culture of the masses inside city, the broadcasting television that photograph of broadcast, TV, wireless, wired, frequency modulation combines publicizes a net to be formed basically already; Public library produced positive effect to improve the mental culture quality of every nationality masses; Culture market grows flourishingly, active with the requirement that satisfied consumption of culture of masses of disparate arrangement of ideas. The development that builds as the city and person the people's livelihood improve all sorts of public place of entertainment alive to also expand as development, nowadays song hall, enlighten everything needed is ready of hall of hall, club, nightclub, bar, coffee, amusement park, park.

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