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Carat Ma celebrates an activity according to folk-custom section

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The main festival that carat Ma depends on is section of Mohammedan Zi of royal festival flesh and division of ancient Er state.

Fleshy Zi section Call resume a meat diet the section again, answer all previous every year the month of fast that September is Moslem, during this, they are mixed before sunrise only take food after sunset, prohibit by day any food, after this kind of abstain from meat lasts to day of resume a meat diet all the time, want to celebrate 3 days continuously.

Gu Erbang section Say to slaughter animal sacrifice red-letter day again, an Laceng of Allah of according to legend commands prophetic Yibolaxin butcher son is sacrificial, faithful Yibolaxin complies with the command of Allah prepares to kill child, right now Allah life him with Yang Daizi. This day is fleshy Zi section 70 days after, answer all previous namely on December 10, people is this day the section that slaughter sacrifice surely. In these festivals, moslem people want bath to get ready go mosque go to church, go close to visit friend even, kill money of ovine boil flesh to entertain a visitor, undertake all sorts of recreational activities, occasion is very lively.

Still have additionallyCarat Ma depends on Water-splashing Festival

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