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The fokelore of girl of Xinjiang travel sweet pear

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Taklimakan big desert is located in in the tower in the center of tub ground, the thing grows about 1000 kilometers, north and south is wide about 400 kilometers, area 33. Kilometer of 760 thousand square, be next to Africa to scatter with a ha pull big desert, it is the 2nd big desert of world. Taklimakan (meaning of language of Wei Wu Er goes in go out not to come) be called by people normally " dead sea " . Park of forest of desert diversiform-leaved poplar is apart from round of stage county to make an appointment with 80 kilometers, be located in in the tower the core place of groove guard of wooden diversiform-leaved poplar, the colour inside the park is flowery and changeful, water of greenery, green jade, blue sky, like the wash painting of a dense. Alternate with of Qiu Chu olivine, deep autumn golden. Uprise overlook, the Mu He in the tower is here winding and labyrinthian, form numerous Chinese stream, chinese sort a distributinging move the Xiaohai that diversiform-leaved poplar forest surrounds grants, down Dalimu the river extends Xiang Mang boundless and indistinct to horizon all the time, very grand!

Library Er Le Xiangli helps advance somebody's career the history is long, what advance Dai Wujun writes " on the west capital notes " say: "Vast pear, give vast north, cold-resistant and not withered " . Accordingly computative library Er straps sweet pear to already had the history 1400. " region writes down Datangxi " say " A Qini country (today Yan over sixty years of age) earthy appropriate is rotten, wheat, sweet Zhu Guo of jujube, grape, pear, apricot " . This shows the Kuerle at that time cultivates pear already generally. Library Er straps sweet pear appearance to be like spindle, peel olivine tape is red, fruit flavour is sweet thick, abundant of leather thin flesh, larynx of fleshy crisp bright, qing Dynasty is sweet juicily, eat and do not have broken bits, entrance melt. Library Er straps sweet pear to contain candy, amino acid, vitamin, carbohydrate to amount to 14 % , water juice is 86 % , because character pole actors or actress, 1924 French world exposition is next to French Bai Li to be judged to be silver-colored award in 1432 kinds of pear, after having world pear say, in the whole nation for many times the be among the best of candidates in pome comment on, it is the high-quality goods that our country pear tastes. Current, library Er straps sweet pear to already sold as far as to and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, United States, Japan, Western Europe, become exit of arris of Ba Yin Guo to start the fist product that assemble. Library Er straps city Sha Yidong horticultural field, be apart from the urban district 6 kilometers, it is the main producing area of library Er Le Xiangli.

According to legend is very long a long time ago, kuerle still does not have sweet pear, the father of Ai Liman of girl of the Uygur nationality suffers villagers entrust, to very far very far place goes pear of other place of introduce a fine variety comes the pear tree engraft with this locality. Father sand-cast hill of Ai Liman, walk along the desert, have gone through an innumerable trials and hardships, draw ninety-nine to raise pear seedling. To do not allow pear young plant during transit sere, he will " card is made of baked clay " (dimension language pumpkin) seed is drawn out empty, protect pear Miao Fang inside wet. such, still only seedling of a pear is survived by grafting. This survived pear tree grows exuberant, the pear that the ties goes is very delicate, be born breaks namely, become silver. Ai Liman wants to go to villagers of deal out of this pear tree grafting, let everybody spend superior time.

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