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One of activities of traditional sports of folk of the Uygur nationality headroo

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Headroom ropedancing, er words says Wei Wu " Dawazi " . It is one of activities of traditional sports of folk of the Uygur nationality, hold during festival festival more, headroom ropedancing performance rises soul-stirring, hold the double characteristic of sports and acrobatics concurrently. Choose the square of a hollowness above all, in the center of field vertical stroke removes an about 30 meters tall senior staff, mix with a lot of reinforcing steel bar all around the rope is diversionary, make do not arrive to fall at tilt and be being grown. A bulky cord that grows 35 meters or so the top from wood pole is inclined haul the floor, form about 45 degrees part what make with the ground. Performer holds long pole to make balancer, do not fasten safety belt, in suona horn, ropedancing is performed in Jie drum, sideways ropedancing, unconscious eye ropedancing, handstand ropedancing, ropedancing stepping on dish, flying body is done to jump the alarmingly dangerous movement such as the rope on the rope.

In games of minority of all previous whole nation and performance of domestic many a time, "Dawazi " conquered all audiences get of every nationality people love. On June 22, 1997, 6 generation pass Dawazidi person Xinjiang acrobat Adili Wushouer had walked along erect with time of 13 minutes of 40 seconds the tightwire that in the Yangtse River 3 gorge are as long as 640.75 meters, this Jinisi that broke Canadian division Ke Lun to create world record, contended for light for the country.

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