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Gu Erbang section

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"Division of ancient Er state " the transliteration that is Arabic, er heart · calls Gu Erbang in Arabic, or call A Zuha of Er heart · . "Er heart " the meaning that is a festival. "Gu Erbang " and " Azuha " contain " sacrifice " " devote " meaning, make this red-letter day commonly so " sacrificial section " , " the section that slaughter animal sacrifice " or " section of faithful filial piety " . It is China is answered, Weiwuer, Kazakstan, Wu Zi fastens gram, Dadaer, Dajike, Keerkezi, scatter pull, east the religious festival of the minority such as countryside, security personnel. The Hui nationality weighs it again " spend good year " . And the New Year that the Uygur nationality and the Kazak nationality regard them as it.

Archaic Arabia religion is fabulous, "Prophetic " Ye Mengan pulls Yibolaxin, life his him butcher son Yi Si Mayi is strapped, what with test he pulls to installing is faithful. What when Yibolaxin obey your command raises a sword is flashy, dispatch ambassador-at-large is pulling Anlapa a sheep hurries to the spot hurriedly, the life is displayed with slaughtering a sheep to replace child. From now on, formed in Arabia nation slaughter animal sacrifice every year sacrificial consuetudinary. After Mohammedan generation, admit prophetic Yibolaxin is holy ancestor, acceded this one ceremony, and the the Moslem Calendar will be Gu Erbang section surely on December 10. The Gregorian calendar that our country uses and the Moslem Calendar have day difference of 11 days every year, reason is annual the date of the Gregorian calendar of division of ancient Er state is not fixed. The Moslem common of Chinese general Chinese call the section that slaughter animal sacrifice " small resume a meat diet " . Chinese government sets this one day to have a holiday to Moslem worker.

According to traditional custom, moslem is in division of ancient Er state change clothes of bath of this day of early morning, to forefathers of recall of mosque go to church, visit a grave to cherish the memory of the dead. Before the section, moslem every family is cleaned clean, make all sorts of cake, scamper oily San child, the crusty pancake that bake, make new clothing, for festal ready-made. Moslem finishs from mosque after week, return Niu Zaiyang is killed in the home, the flesh that boil cooks, almsgiving poor, entertainment guest. Young men and women has say to have laugh, festively singing and dancing, develop all sorts of congratulatory activities, the section is permeated with happy atmosphere during day.

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