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Annual the traditional Chinese calendar in May " Nadam Fair "

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"Nadam Fair " , mongolia language is " recreation " or " game " meaning. Be in cling to city, dagelegen and Nadam Fair congress are amalgamative, on annual the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of June 4 in with static county the prairie holds Bayinbuluke. The section should hold the Qian Ma, tumble, archery, chess, track and field, geometric ratio that dial a river to surpass during day, still undertake commercial activity. Annual the traditional Chinese calendar by May, herdsman people already whip of plan horse raise arrives from far and near hold the ground, build yurt, make grandma wine, slaughter flocks and herds to await distance guest. Festival this day, act is amounted to in that advocate Gao Zhu of assembly room arena, colored flag is flying, wear the herdsman with full-dress festival to ride beloved fine horse, gang ground runs quickly to advocate assembly room. After the opening ceremony ends, undertake match of sports of tradition of the Monggol nationality and literary program are performed.

Horse race motion is one of wonderful match projects on Nadam Fair congress. The project such as the saber or bayonet fighting on the archery on the obstacle horse race that accompany horse race motion to develop and produces, point-to-point, polo, horse, horse and horsemanship performance, make person too many things to see, already lively and vivid exciting. The audience watchs athlete match and actor show, if oneself also are personally in the match, be like crazy be like drunk, leave an assembly room till the athlete, ability raise lashs horse, put a song broadcast.

"Nadam Fair " it is recreational grand meeting not only, also be the grand meeting that the goods and materials on the prairie communicates. Herdsman people take the advantage of during attending Nadam Fair plenary meeting every year, oneself animal produce on the belt, local speciality is tasted daily expense goods is exchanged during congress. Night, herdsman is in temporarily joyous song laughs inside the wigwam of be stationed language, young men and women is accompanying words from one's heart of pour of sound of a bowed stringed instrument with a scroll carved like a horse's head

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