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Fleshy Zi section

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Fleshy Zi section, also call fast the section, it is Xinjiang belief is Mohammedan Wei Wu a group of things with common features, time, one of royal festivals of the nation such as Kazakstan, Keerkezi. "Fleshy Zi section " it is the day of political integrity of the Hui nationality with Mohammedan belief. "Fleshy Zi " namely " Feng Zhai " ; Decrease the meaning that feed namely. Fabulous, in ancient time to avoid the encroachment of different race ruler. People avoids in remote mountains, do not make a fire by day, after the moon comes out, just begin to cook eat, past dynasties follow, become consuetudinary, whenever fleshy Zi section that day, drip by day water not drink, bead rice is not touched, want to just have a thing in the evening. Such life is successive a month, just resume common dietary habit next.

It is early before arrival of fleshy Zi section a month, people is about to whitewash building, clean court, tonsorial, bathe etc, should prepare to eat for the festival not only, busy even drive the garment that sews a festival, many festal kinds or types of goods was laid in in the shop. Festival (on May 23) early morning, on the street red male green female, bustling. Grown men and women goes to mosque go to church, go then classics of pay respects to sb at his tomb, Song, the family has " powdery soup " , next accompany pays a New Year call. After liberating, of the development as production and people awareness rise, people feels do not eat food by day, go against production labor and healthy, then, masses abandoned self-consciously sealing the habit of fast by day.

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