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Ao includes an item

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Time: The traditional Chinese calendar will come in May in July, be worth bank of Si Hu of accept of noise made in coughing or vomiting to spend the most beautiful season.

Introduce: Say again " Dakeen " section, it is made of baked clay person of graph of the Monggol nationality the festival of nature of life of sacred heaven and earth. Although the graph made of baked clay person of bank of Si Hu of accept of noise made in coughing or vomiting is a branch of the Monggol nationality, but festal celebration however with other Mongolia differ somewhat. They select the site that celebrate a festival to be in the high mountain of aquatic lush is upland, build a yurt temporarily, herdsman is carried belt daughter, caboodle of pick up stone is on Ao Bao. After Ao Bao has piled up, put figure of Buddha, place the offerings such as fruit of food of ovine head flesh, grandma, deepfry, cense next bit of candle, getting everybody to circling Ao Baosong classics by Living Buddha and posted Lama (right now the woman cannot attend) , after be being circled, the participant is not divided often want kowtow of Xiang Ao worship on bended knees less, invocatory old sky falls blessing world, bestow people does not have a thing in safety, bring auspicious happiness, invocatory good weather for the crops, make earth aquatic big, domestic animals is flourishing.

The ceremony finishs, begin to undertake the civilian recreation of the tradition of the Monggol nationality such as horse race, tumble, archery, slaughter a sheep to boil the flesh, do greatly convivial. People happilies gather under the same roof, festively singing and dancing, occasion is grand, atmosphere is grand and enthusiastic, entire village men and women from together, enjoy the food such as milk alcoholic drink, barbecue, spend joyfully festival.

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