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Zou Lu Jie

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Time: October of the traditional Chinese calendar 25 days

Introduce: Renown " enter potlatch " , it is noise made in coughing or vomiting the peculiar festival of made of baked clay person of plan of Na Sihu bank. In fall of this day of whole summer outer the herdsman that depasture should return a village, die in order to commemorate card of box of Living Buddha horse is pulled day. Folklore, equestrian box card is pulled die this day as it happens is 125 years old. For lucky, the herdsman that returns a village is collected from hill in this day a few climb ground cypress (Xinjiang is round cypress) caboodle becomes one crowd, in dusk time, will climb ground cypress light to submit fumy form, next herdsman people surround sit its week, make a bow with hands folded in front, pray, the hope spends endless winter smoothly. After the ceremony ends, people comes home severally, the oil lamp on the dot takes light, so this cries again " dot the Lantern Festival " .

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