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Ao includes an item

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Hold time: Annual June

Festal brief introduction: The place that celebrate a festival chooses the high mountain in aquatic lush upland, each each are carried belt daughter reunites inter establish has by honour for " divine tree " all round Ao bag, cense bit of candle, bind a list toward the tree each, hold caboodle of a stone in the arms to be added on Ao Bao again, taking the provision that brings from inside the home severally next, guide by elder circling the recite scriptures side Ao Bao to sing, the edge drops provision up ceaselessly. 3 afterwards, xiang Ao wraps kowtow of worship on bended knees, invocatory God falls blessing world, invocatory good weather for the crops, domestic animals is flourishing.

Celebrate joyously an activity: The ceremony finishs the civilian recreational activities that begins to undertake the tradition of the Monggol nationality such as horse race, tumble, archery, slaughter a sheep to boil the flesh, festively singing and dancing, next men and women surrounds entire village sit together, take red-letter day of the barbecue, wine that drink a milk, collective spend joyfully.

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