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The characteristic cate of Urumqi

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Crusty pancake: Brethren of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is daily and main food, it is one kind bakes the face cake that make and becomes, approximate sesame seed cake, or fragile or soft, flavour is sweet dainty. The crusty pancake is raw material with wheat area more, face of useful also corn, complementary bake with the spice such as sesame seed, onion, egg, edible vegetable oil, ghee, milk, salt, candy make and become, still one kind joins bright hotpot in flour complementary the fleshy crusty pancake that makes with burden. Show a circle mostly, sort is quite much, local color of configuration, size is differ.

Catch a meal: Words of Wei Wu Er calls “ wave fatigue ” . It is Xinjiang a kind when Weiwuer, Wu Zi fastens the ethical people such as the gram to love dietary, pick up of much relieve oneself is fed, the seizes meal ” to catch a meal for “ main raw material that reason Chinese weighs has rice, hotpot, carrot, onion and edible vegetable oil. With them mixture stew makes the meal that come out, sleek unripe brightness, aroma 4 excessive, smell is nice. Divide this and outside, still use the dried fruit such as currant, apricot doing, peach doing to do catch a meal, those who say for sweet catch meal or element to catch a meal.

Thin-skinned steamed stuffed bun of · of the steamed stuffed bun that bake: The steamed stuffed bun that bake (” of Sa of “ Sha Mu) reach thin-skinned steamed stuffed bun (Piteerman spits “ ” ) it is the food that dimension clansman likes. The steamed stuffed bun that bake basically is bake in crusty pancake hole make. Skin of steamed stuffed bun uses unleavened dough roll thin, fold synthetic square quadrilateral. The bag enters hotpot man, onion, Zi like that the pink, stuffing that waits for raw material make it, bake in crusty pancake hole ripe. Thin-skinned steamed stuffed bun namely evaporate steamed stuffed bun, roll of skin of steamed stuffed bun is gotten very thin, ripe when can see the stuffing inside through skin of steamed stuffed bun almost, taste be like skin of steamed stuffed bun to dissolve tender flesh oil sweet medium.

Lung of rice intestines knead dough child: Enter the water with the sheep a renown food that make. The practice is ovine lung child with ovine large intestine abluent, go out the face bathe of become reconciled gluten, show be cheered mushily and salt, fill enters face lung inside, plunge into next close tracheal, put into water to boil two hours or so to be become namely. Rice intestines is to use mincing ovine liver, Yang Xin, Yang Chang oily, add pepper, Zi like that pink, refined salt mixes rice, boil with water, wait for half hours, what in bowel dazzling makes is flat, boil a hour namely ripe.

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