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Of Urumqi special side dish is recommended

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Name: The hotpot that bake is strung together
Introduce: hotpot and ovine oil slice, thin tie-in ground wears fertilizer to go up in fine iron drill steel, the baking hotpot that is put in chief body is strung together bake on furnace, scatter some of hot face, refined salt and Zi next like that pink, several minutes namely ripe.

Name: Lamb flesh
Introduce: Lamb flesh chooses more in those days the sheep of wether or less than of one full year of life. The practice is a lamb butcher hind, go its skin and splanchnic, abluent hind put in caldron to boil, put onion, peppery wait for spice. The method of the flesh that boil has two kinds, one kind is to use cold water to boil first, another kind is to use boiled water to boil first, no matter which kinds boil a law, should scoop up float to be in the hematic foam above soup, etc the flesh is fast ripe when put salt again.

Name: Tea with milk
Introduce: The general practice of tea with milk is first brick tea dolly, put cupreous bottle or boil in water bowl, after tea is burned, add bright milk, spoon raise tea is used ceaselessly when boil, till tea breast blends adequately, eliminate tea, add salt to be become namely.

Name: Play a brief informal note
Introduce: Pull a brief informal note with superior flour knead dough make and become, show round strip. Becoming the key that plays a brief informal note is to master good knead dough and pull make two segment. Brine is used when knead dough, salt should be put right amountly, proper, it is advisable that the face should be mixed some softlier, knead it is good to appear Tang.

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