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The cate that carat Ma depends on is recommended

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Qu Qu

It is the traditional gust that loves by people of the Uygur nationality fastfood, the wonton of similar the Han nationality. Cut fat hotpot small diced meat first, add onion powder, salt, pepper, Zi again like that the water of pink and a few blends stuffing. Become mixed face roll chip, cut set prescription contrast piece, meat stuffing the bag is in face piece in. Next Qu Qu next going to in broth, shang Li is put some knead broken field mint leaf or caraway end. Leather thin stuffing is tender, send out a peculiar aroma, gust does not have distinguishing feature, very tastily.

Hotpot of boiled in clear soup

When the hotpot that stew, yi Kegen occupies individual be fond of, add yellow turnip, tomato, caraway, potato to wait in order to move taste; After eating hotpot, must drink a bowl sweet thick broth, it is so not only can drive is cold, return peptic effect.

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