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Carat Ma depends on cate -- cool leather

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The mouth has with be addicted to, do not divide the rich and the poor old little men and women.

Those who point to is to have cool fur, eat carat Ma to depend on cool leather.

Everybody loves to have cool fur

Depend on in carat Ma, no matter what is seasonal, accost: "Go, have cool fur. " often be hundreds respond to a single call.

Enter a cool leather inn to look casually, the person that feed has male have female have often have little, eat extremely.

And the person that leaves carat Ma to depend on, what think most is that bowl of cool leather. Ask person band then. Then, the cool leather that carat Ma depends on sits on the plane went Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu... record high happening is depended on in carat Ma the famousest " inn of Xue Donglan cool skin " . Last summer, two men go bureau mechanism Beijing is away on official business, bought fur of 80 Xue Jialiang, saying is to should take past carat Ma to depend on be stationed in Beijing agency.

Come back from the other place, different thing can call carat Ma to produce the feeling that puts in the home 's charge truly according to the person. Be to see pumping unit far, cheer: "Wow, arrived home. " and left a car, sure go having bowl of cool fur first, eat, ground of be perfectly satisfied is licking colourful red lip: "Can be excellent really. "Can be excellent really..

The carat Ma of outer ground depends on a person, 10 li of cool fur that nine loves to blow his to the family: "The cool leather that our carat Ma depends on, hey... "

Be blown more, carat Ma depends on cool leather fame big. A few days ago, in " affection full Pearl River " Pu Chaoying comes to the well-known actress that performs bad woman Tan Rong to carat Ma to depend on, call-over should eat sweet hot carat Ma depends on cool leather.

Cool leather is what delicious

Somebody asks, cool leather has everywhere, your carat Ma depends on with respect to which delicious?

What carat Ma depends on cool leather is clever be in its soup.

The cool leather of other place mixes to work more, the cool leather of ethical characteristic is to tick off Gorgon euryale to add egg thick gravy used as a sauce for noodles child, cool leather adds Shang Weike to pull Ma to depend on an original creation.

Of soup make a law be paid attention to extremely. It is condiment water. After ten kinds of flavor such as anise, clove, cassia bark, caoguo are abluent, a flavour that one night makes immerses in preexistence clear water, next small fire stews a many hour slow, became; 2 for hoosh. Tomato is added to add green in water, add the dressing such as ginger to be boiled meticulously make and become, color makes Jin Gong, fragrance is full-bodied, entrance small acid. Chili, vinegar, caraway, garlic is basic condiment, the cool leather of where must be added, but carat Ma is depended on because cool leather became much this spoon soup, that flavour is gotten all the more thick. alleged " the person that have taste makes piece, insipidity person make enter " .

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