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The cate that carat Ma depends on

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Noodles served with soy sauce

In recent years, development of Xinjiang noodles served with soy sauce is very fast, match cauliflower pattern especially increasingly grow in quantity. The basis differs seasonally, the pattern of dish is different also, this can cater to different consumptive group.

Shamusa (the steamed stuffed bun that bake)

It is the traditional food that happy event of the Uygur nationality eats, it is on holidays, the beautiful of entertainment close friends is tasted, commonly used also the gift that when regard Gong Baixi as the thing, presents each other. In Xinjiang broad and urban and rural cling to the restaurant that plunge into, everywhere that eat fry batter in a thin layer is visible, get not only of person of Wei Wu Er love, also get Xinjiang is other of the nation love. Shamusa is bake in crusty pancake kang make, with do Pi Fang stuffing to fold synthetic square quadrilateral without barmy face. Stuffing uses diced meat of flocks and herds, mix a few onion, Zi like that, refined salt, pepper and water mix divide evenly and into. Good the bag " Shamusa " stick in crusty pancake hole, ten minutes can bake heat, leather lubricious Huang Liang, entrance skin fragile flesh is tender, flavour bright oil is sweet.

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