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Popular tourist cities in the new resort center stage

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Often play new, and for many popular tourist city, there have been new sites launched, can attract people who have never been more attractive to people who had come again. The reporters found that from the end of this year to early next year, many domestic hot tourist city, will have a new place, including Macau Galaxy, three Aocom Ryder, Heilongjiang Yabuli Ski Resort St. Regis Resort, Lhasa will be opened, many also have is the "first", well worth trying first to understand. Macau Galaxy Feelings of Asian style Last week, Chief Operating Officer Steve Wolstenholme Macau Galaxy Mr. Hu Shenglong introduced in Guangzhou, the media will be officially opened early in 2011 Macau Galaxy. It is reported that the Macao Special Administrative Region of Macau, Galaxy Cotai Strip will become the newest member of the entertainment district, the investment more than 12.8 billion yuan, covers an area of 550,000 square meters, has three world-class hotels will provide 2,200 luxury rooms, one at the top white sand beaches, more than 50 restaurants, shopping malls and a number of bars and nightclubs full of passion, is the world's first integrated resort in Asia style. New experience: It is understood that Australia's most distinctive feature of the Galaxy is its large top terrace, where the roof of the world's largest surf pool, covering 4,000 square meters, with 350 tonnes of white sand beaches, very special. There is also a world-renowned designer Mr. Chen Youjian design, unique style of old Shanghai, and 30 years with the Casino stage, "Red Ling" bar, so that the city nightlife, trance feel will be returned to the old Shanghai. Macau Galaxy's large warehouse hotel with 500 luxury suites and deluxe rooms, a spacious conference facilities, a beautiful Japanese garden, the most noteworthy is that there is a large warehouse of the most authentic Japanese hotel's own restaurant - mountain restaurant, rest and enjoy the food correct. Another hotel, it is the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts. Banyan Tree Macau will have 246 luxury suites and 10 has a double pool, floating swimming pool and a spacious private holiday villa. There are world-renowned Banyan Tree Spa, where a number of treatment rooms set up, the technician will use special care and traditional Asian spa techniques, provide treatment for tourists, health care and other services. Acoustic Long Hu said that by 2020 China will become the world's fourth largest outbound tourist source market. By then, there will be more than 50 million Chinese tourists traveling abroad, many of whom will be different from Guangdong and Macau to become the largest source market integrated resorts, he believed that the opening of Macau Galaxy, will be the Guangdong tourists. Three Aocom Ryder Resort Hai Bibo for big waves Independent villas, white sand beaches, luxury yachts and top Bentley team - unique luxury. This is one of the Conrad Resort Sanya Bay, the description of Begonia. It is learned that Conrad Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a global luxury brand hotel group, will be the end of this year, the first in China Lu Kaili hotel. The newest resort hotel located in Sanya, Hainan Island Begonia Bay, has the best beaches and the most crystal clear waters. New experience: It is understood that Conrad Hotels in Sanya Bay Begonia east of Sanya City, 28 kilometers away from Sanya International Airport, 45 minutes. Resorts up to 435 meters of white beach, built 101 single-block private holiday villa. Visitors can take a special luxury yachts, tour the beautiful scenery of Begonia Bay. The most impressive hotel, comes as President of its 500 square meter villa. The villa from the four elements of a study-style villas and villa units, it is truly a private paradise. President of the villa also has 1,500 square meters of private garden, swimming pool and large bathroom for guests to enjoy. All villas have private balconies, all facing the blue waves of the Begonia Bay, it is refreshing. Hotel has three restaurants, a lobby bar and a pool bar, visitors can enjoy three different styles of cuisine; in restaurant dishes full of flavor characteristics in Hainan; specialty restaurant and bar serves seafood Hainan Island. While in the lobby bar guests can enjoy the sea view while enjoying wine or afternoon tea, or choose to enjoy sunbathing at the pool side at the same time, enjoy special type drink. In addition, there's a swimming pool, various water sports and gymnasium. Four large water treatment rooms, built on the beach on the edge, in the face of the sea calm as a mirror when the spa is really nice to enjoy. St. Regis Resort in Lhasa, Tibet Top the roof of the world Standing in the altitude of 3680 meters, highest in the "Roof of the World" St. Regis Resort, Lhasa will bring customized service and luxury experience. The hotel has 150 spacious rooms and exquisite private villas, as well as with 12 luxury suites, including presidential suite. In addition, there is a world-class restaurants, bars, unique spa, the magnificent Grand Ballroom and so on, which is in Tibet the first international luxury hotel brand. New Experience: St. Regis Resort in Lhasa, the ancient Barkhor area, located in the trunk of Jiangsu on the road, drove to the holy Potala Palace, a few minutes from Gonggar International Airport only 75 km. Luxurious St. Regis Resort in Lhasa fine Tibetan style rooms with rich, all hotel rooms are carefully written to use the Tibetan local art and unique style of interior decoration, reflecting the local history, culture and heritage. The spacious marble bathrooms, elegant furniture elegant, unique indoor facilities for visitors to create a comfortable and luxurious stay. For dining, the hotel also has a number of "firsts." All Day Dining Restaurant, offers many choices of international cuisine; Tibet, Tibet's first luxury restaurant - Sri Lanka since the anti-Tibet comfortable chic restaurant, visitors can enjoy fine cuisine and authentic Tibetan meal Nepal; Chinese restaurant offers Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine, and many different ; unique tea at home and abroad to provide dozens of different teas and 10-year to 25 years old tea, Chen Hong. In addition, the world's first to provide over 140 different wine bar - wine estates. In addition, the unique St. Regis Spa, will use the traditional Tibetan plant therapy, so that visitors to relax, while alleviating altitude sickness. If you prefer, can also choose to wander in the gold pool, the outdoor meditation garden to enjoy yoga or Pilates. For couples seeking a unique wedding memorable, you can also consider the wedding, the wedding ceremony in the hotel's artificial lake or large ballroom, and reception can choose any hotel restaurant, public areas or the Chamber. In addition, the newlyweds in the honeymoon suite will be free to enjoy a sweet and memorable night. Heilongjiang Yabuli Ski Resort Experience the longest alpine ski High-end global brands Club Med resort will be the first to enter the Chinese market. Winter 2010, Club Med's first resort in China - China's Heilongjiang Province Yabuli Ski Resort will open. It is reported that, here are all-inclusive winter holidays, including skiers over the age of 4 to provide ski pass, ski school, top coaches, advanced ski equipment, children's club facilities and a wide variety of food and very relaxing environment. New Experience: Club Med Resort Yabuli in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, the new resort to open view to the territory of Changbai Mountains Yabuli spectacular views. Resort open all year round, winter and summer holiday period points. In mid-November each year to the next early April is the ski season, ski here stretches over 30 kilometers, about 530 meters vertical drop, is the longest mountain ski for all levels of skiers. Snow Road, just a few steps away from the resort, visitors do not need to wait in line. In the resort, in addition to skiing, but also engaged in various outdoor sports such as ice skating, snow saucer and sled. Yabuli ski resort for beginners is the largest theme park, five "magic carpet" lift system for beginners easy to climb. Heating of 8 with a cable car ride and 6 chair lift ride center connected to the ski resort, Snow Road Mid-Levels and the Peak. The resort is also equipped with all kinds of high- end ski equipment to prepare for leasing, such as single and double plate and snow boots. Other than skiing, visitors can also participate in other recreational activities such as trapeze trapeze, jumping spring bed, dancing lessons and so on. In the rooms, the resort has 284 luxury rooms, including 27 with room service in Mountain View suites, 22 deluxe rooms and 235 superior rooms. In addition, there are various types of facilities for families, such as baby welcome gift, a small club, mini club for children and young people a variety of activities.
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