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Urumqi special local product is recommended

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Name: Rewapu
Introduce: Rewapu is Weiwuer, Wu Zi fasten the nation such as gram, Dajike to play batch of musical instrument commonly usedly. Musical instrument as ligneous, sound box is hemisphere form, with skin of sheepskin, ass, Ma Pi or boa Pi Meng face. Neck slightness, coping bends. Cent of the Fu Ke that heat up tile is Na Jiang Rewafu (also call assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting Rewafu) with north border heat covers with tiles just (wall pits Mulirewafu) . Body of hot made of baked clay justing musical instrument is lesser, silk string tangles to be on fingerplate article, can exchange and mobile grade, tonal clang; The Fu Yitong heating up tile of boreal border or animal bone are article, use 5 spring normally, tonal and downy ringing.
The ethical design that lever of the musical instrument body that assorted of border noise made in coughing or vomiting takes Rewafu south, musical instrument and upside of musical instrument head often set a beauty with animal bone and abounds, since musical instrument of a kind of solo, it is very delicate handicraft, very the reception that gets tourist.

Name: Melon and fruit
Introduce: Xinjiang not only because of " the Silk Road " famed, and with " the countryside of melon and fruit " celebrated. 6 big fruit of world- - apple, grape, pear, peach, banana and orange, after dividing both outside, xinjiang teems with 4 kinds. Still produce Hami melon, fig, walnut, almond, pistachio, smoked plum, apricot, jujube to wait a moment additionally. Via dying people of for generations acting every nationality strives, bred variety of a lot of admirable melon and fruit meticulously, can of special local product of wh some of which calls rare world curiosa. The place of a balladry of popularity of Xinjiang of no less than says: "Spit rash time the melon of grape Ha Mi, boast of sweet pear everybody, pomegranate excellant of Xie Cheng. " breed of of all kinds fruiter shares more than 900 kinds, this makes Xinjiang becomes fruity natural read extensively house.

Name: Moxa Delaisi is silken
Introduce: Woman of the Uygur nationality very the silk stuff that like, with colour bright-coloured and flowery, celebrated. Coloring contrast is big, comparative and intense. It is commonly used verdure, sapphire blue, yellow, green, pink, amaranthine, orange, golden, colourful green, black, white wait for color; Design construction is exquisite, compact, strict, majolica, transparent, distinct, emersion the light in nature and lubricious aesthetic feeling. Quality of a material of silk of moxa heart Lai is soft, springiness, frivolous and withy, beautiful and luxuriant, have distinguishing feature of bright culture of people of Wei Wu Er, get the favour of minority masses. Now people not only Ai Delai this silken regard dress material as, still many people buy it as handicraft make interior decoration taste.

Name: Ying Jisha penknife
Introduce: Get a name in Ying Jisha county because of producing area, have 400 old histories about. It is chosen makings is excellent, fastidious of charge for the making of sth. , modelling is beautiful, grain act the role ofing is beautiful, have rich ethical color. The phoenix end type that the penknife basically has the Uygur nationality to love, lark type, oriole type, magpie type, the animal horn style that the style of dragon spring sword that the style of red mouth chough that the Kazak nationality likes, the Han nationality likes, the Monggol nationality likes.
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