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Sweet pear

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Renown: Suckle Ximudi (dimension language) , Mu opening the land (unconscious language)

Producing area: Kuerle

Characteristic: The appearance if olivine of spindle, peel takes taste of red, fruit sweet thin flesh of thick, skin little, Qing Tianshuang mouth, nutrition abounds much broken bits of fragile, juice, be able to bear or endure at the deposit.

Relevant story: According to legend, in library Er is strapped and do not have sweet pear a long time ago, the father that people entrusts Ai Liman of girl of the Uygur nationality goes the pear tree engraft of pear of other place of introduce a fine variety and this locality, he went very far, have gone through an innumerable trials and hardships, draw ninety-nine eventually pear seedling; To do not make pear seedling during transit withered dead, he puts pear young plant into home town was brought back in drawing out empty pumpkin, but final and only engraft of seedling of a pear survives, fortunately this pear seedling grows exuberant, gave pear with respect to the knot before long, pear be born breaks namely, still can become silver. Just when Ai Liman wants to go to villagers of deal out of this pear tree when grafting, one acridity cling to knew this thing than louding noise according to lord card, kill Ai Liman's father dead with respect to the design, pear tree of intent dominate exclusively, in the do all one can of villagers protection falls, card fails to prevail than the purpose that loud noise, the card of be ashamed into anger compares the treasure tree that he cannot get threaten louding noise, everybody is fastened conceivable, be in then the night with black tall wind of a month, he sends a person to cut down pear tree, fell trees sound slept lightly Ai Liman, ai Liman was in to protect pear tree to also be like below the Dao Fu that card comparing louds noise.

Second year spring, the pear tree that is cut down gave out ninety-nine root branch on picket, villagers marry ninety-nine root branch the with commemorative Ai Liman and her father on this locality pear tree that receives oneself respectively; The tape of pear peel olivine that the pear tree ties of new engraft goes is red, if form is lapidary, people thinks to there is red on pear skin, it is the price that ever paid blood to protect pear tree because of the father that Ai Liman mixes.

Relevant balladry: “ is spat rash time the melon of grape Ha Mi, boast of sweet pear everybody, pomegranate excellant of Xie Cheng. ”

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