Urumqi public place of entertainment

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Club of Bei Si spy

Recommend reason: Have luxurious KTV box 38, medicinal powder stage 35, can hold 400 much people at the same time recreation.
Address: Be located in black city flourishing a sector of an area literary road 2 grand source edifice 23, 24 buildings

Large stage of bank of the Red Sea

Recommend reason: Collect meal, sauna, recreation is the integrated service place of an organic whole.
Address: Beijing north road 10

Bar of Han Siguo border

Recommend reason: The professional public house with Xinjiang head large home, tradition of main management Germany makes red wine of beer, France and drink of about a hundred kinds of various attune oneself, the room of luxurious KTV bag of each different can appreciate more than 50 styles one time exotic emotional appeal.
Address: Peaceful north road 70 days 106 buildings

City of red building peace and happiness

Recommend reason: Center of red building peace and happiness is an omnibus hotel, hall of subterranean peace and happiness owns the world's most advanced AMF8800 bowling facility, the Pan Yan of first indoor fire house of whole town, be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation, it is the game of brave; Desk of ball of to bang ping, table tennis desk is national level match is used desk, the ice hockey desk that still Japan installs an entrance formerly reachs all sorts of swimming
Address: Henan on the west road

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