Urumqi shopping place is special recommend

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Mart of Urumqi edge trade
City of trade of border area international is located in guesthouse of border area of urban Yan'an road, all the time since the vane that is Urumqi foreign trade, product radiate arrives in inferior, on the west inferior, South Asia and Russia and other places.
City of loco foreign trade is located in way of urban strange stand, it is couplet of company of trade of 2 kinds of trade mart, port, edge an organic whole, make Urumqi is become east couplet goes out on the west, the international thing that Xi Jindong gives sheds big passageway.

Bus of 2 bridges, international plunges into Xinjiang the market
Phone: 0991-8558800
Address: Urumqi is liberated south road 8
Network address: Http://
Take car line: 1, 104, 61, 920, 923

Xinjiang beauty resides content to shed garden
Phone: 0991-3813987
Address: Beauty of the road austral Tianjin occupies business affairs building
Network address: Http://
Take car course: 1, 101, 61

Market of Urumqi Hua Ling
Phone: 0991-5181012 5180518
Address: Road of Urumqi city flood land north 38
Network address: Http://
Take car course: 152, 109, 60, 908, 153

City of Urumqi international trade
Phone: 0991-5831264 0991-5858104
Address: Road of river of Urumqi money pond 27
Network address: Http://
Take car line: 10, 2, 52, 8, 16

Zhongshan road business street
Zhongshan road business street east building of general merchandise of hill having a day, to Dan Lu the name tastes square, east on the west 100 business mansion, full-length 1360 meters, manage door many 200, holiday traveler discharge amounts to 150 thousand person, horary wagon flow measures 2300, year sale 2 billion yuan, each index is in complete border the first of all in each business street. It is commercial site flow of concentrated, guest is large, shop the modern business street with convenient, gratified consumption.

Square of Dan Lu vogue
Phone: 0991-2837177
Address: Road of black city Zhongshan 106
Network address: Http://

Day 100 boutiques
Phone: 0991-2319094
Address: Black city liberates boreal road 39

Oriental 100 bazaar
Phone: 0991-2335678
Address: Road of black city Zhongshan 159
Network address: Http://

Collect fine times
Phone: 0991-2337777 0991-2821091
Address: Road of black city Zhongshan 103

Day hill bazaar
Phone: 0991-2317046
Address: Road of black city Zhongshan 30

Day 100 bazaar
Phone: 0991-2831655
Address: Road of black city Zhongshan 18

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