Urumqi is collected taste the market

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Xinjiang civilian street is collected taste the market
Address: Market of Urumqi dragon coin
Characteristic: Should collect tasting the market is metropolis infrastructure is collected best at present taste the market, its are big hall of desert strange stone is the strange stone with my the biggest area trades center

Stamp collecting is collected article trade hall
Address: Inside post-office courtyard of city of Yang Zijiang road
Characteristic: Association of stamp collecting of post office of this market and city post office, bazaar, city is equal to be in, it is the first selection place to go that mail tastes the person that collect

Bao Yushi is collected article trade the market
Address: Friendly north road (on military region total hospital)
Characteristic: This market is more professional collect taste the market, give priority to in order to manage jade, strange stone

Xinjiang Bai Yucheng
Address: Heilongjiang road on station of long-distance passenger transportation
Characteristic: Main management Xinjiang and cropland jade article, handicraft.

Hua Ling is collected taste the market
Address: Hua Ling is integrated inside market plank area
Characteristic: The time that the market forms is longer, main management jade article, antique, strange stone.

Registered office of cultural relic of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Address: Near the door austral Urumqi
Characteristic: Manage 29 kinds of Tibet such as cultural relic, china, jade article, calligraphy and painting, bronze ware, carpentry, carpet technically to taste, it is the cultural relic institution that our country creates.
Silicon changes wood: Silicon changes wood is archaic plant is chased by silicate displacement harden become fossil.

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