He Mu - accept of noise made in coughing or vomiting this recreation is recommen

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Charge 100 yuan, take time to be about 40 minutes or so

Edge Hubei face is refluent and go up. The lake is coastal have the rock platform with bulgy heart of 6 Xiang Hu, form a view 6 bays of each different. Lake mouth is apart from to make an appointment with 4 kilometers south the first bay, can view and admire a sheep to carry stone and Tuluke on the back cliff picture; Water of 2 bays lake is the clearest, it is the place that the lake in fokelore appears and disappear quite; 3 bays watch lake station like that one day; 4 bays have the lake heart island of one beauty; 5 bays lakefront has mountain of a magpie; 6 bays are in Na Sihu of noise made in coughing or vomiting most the mouth entering a lake that north carries, driftwood of a kilometre grows a bank. Houseboat is in 3, retrace of 4 bays boundary.

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