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Urumqi to send a delegation to Yunnan and Hainan You stay and Guangdong to be co

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By the continuous heavy rain weather, Hainan, the local part of the scenic areas of business. Reporter yesterday (Oct. 11) learned from a travel agency Urumqi, the capital, there are travel agencies suspend tours sent to Hainan, Hainan You quote but not down.

Hainan Province has occurred once in 49 years of continuous large area of strong rains caused landslides, sand slip road, roads were flooded, roads are more than 80 or obstructed traffic disruption, severely affected the tourism market.

Xinjiang China Travel Service Hong Kong Branch Ministry official told reporters, heavy rain led to the western and eastern Hainan You many attractions closed at sea to suspend business for recreational projects, the proposed members of the public wish to defer travel to Hainan travel plans.

In addition, through Qionghai Haikou, Xinglong, Wanning to Sanya Hainan You east is the regular tourist routes, but most roads were flooded, even if the direct line travel agencies had to adjust only tourists enjoy Sanya Yalong Bay etc. a few spots.

According to weather forecasts issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory, the next three days in Yunnan, Guangdong will have a larger range of rainfall, heavy rain in some areas may appear. In this regard, the regional tourism plan to the public need to pay special attention to weather changes.

Xinjiang tourism people travel agent said that the regular tourist routes in Yunnan, "Kunming - Dali - Lijiang" around the debris flow, and thus the current storm in Yunnan Tourism is not too great.

The industry to remind tourists to travel before the destination must pay attention to weather forecasts for the next few days, on a trip such as thunderstorms hit typhoons, landslides, floods and other inclement weather and natural disasters, should stay away from dangerous sites.