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Achievement attractive tourist attractions in Urumqi

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Tianshan magnificent Grand Canyon, Salt Lake floating magical, unique, innovative 7 Square Street, ethnic style Erdaoqiao ... ... a few random list, we can easily find, Urumqi, more and more interesting place. Large number of Distinctive attractions, attracting more and more foreign tourists stop in Urumqi, stay. "Eleventh Five-Year" during a short period of five years, Urumqi from tourist attractions to the service facilities have undergone tremendous changes. This change, both to enhance the quantity, more quality improvement. To the tourism industry, now Urumqi in one word to describe may be the most appropriate --- "ascendant." Urumqi, 这颗 Pearl western country, is gradually showing off style, to attract more people approached her and appreciate her ... ... Many distinct features attractions In 2005, to Xinjiang in terms of tourism on the number of mainland tourists also quite mysterious, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily Sheyingjizhe Chen Cheng backpack travel from Shenzhen to Xinjiang. On that occasion, he was very vague impression of Urumqi, he went to Urumqi is only a transit. August 2010, when Chen came to Urumqi process again when stopped from Dabancheng to Urumqi County, picturesque, made him forget. Chen Cheng said that 5 years ago to travel to the Kanas in Xinjiang, the Kashgar wanted to go straight, but an Urumqi Airport to receive a lot of leaflets issued by travel agencies, including many attractions in Urumqi. "Grand Canyon to see the Tianshan Mountains, Salt Lake City, these places, not help on the heart." He said that temporary adjustments to the trip, not expecting to harvest an unexpected surprise. August 15, 2010, Chen Cheng Tian tour groups to the Grand Canyon area. Grand Canyon's steep, Swan Lake's scenery, vast pastures ... ... the day, camera batteries fully exhausted. He said that in one area lead Little to so many different scenery, really worthwhile trip. Grand Canyon over the Tianshan Mountains tour, Chen Cheng wrote in his diary: "After 5 years, Urumqi, many more attractions. Kanas 5 years ago to travel back and forth with for 5 days, 3 days in the car; Today, less than just sit Vehicles an hour, we see similar views. " "China's Dead Sea," said the Salt Lake, Xinjiang, Chen Cheng in to have heard before. But this ground, it is particularly felt its magic lies. Chen Cheng told reporters in the Mainland, he is hard to imagine the vast expanse of the desert there will be a lake, and to the Salt Lake City area, he was struck by the wonders of sight, "not only beautiful, but mysterious." "The most crucial is that this magic can be felt. I thought I had here and, like many other scenic spots, only to watch, did not expect to experience this project has been developed, and so rich." He said, Xinjiang tourism has now not only play, but also includes some leisure elements. Increasingly hot winter tourism From 5 years ago, little known to today's reputation, which took seventh in the Silk Road ice wind plot, Urumqi, winter tourism has now become a highlight. Silk Road 2009, a total of snow the wind plot Tourists 1.5 million passengers, up 15% compared with the previous year. The number of the city's ski resorts by the "fifth" down to 35 during the 9 today, which S-class ski 8, ski base and to enhance the reception facilities, the Silk Road International Ski Resort Ski Resort has become one of the five One. Past two years, a number of travel agencies have launched in Urumqi snow travel routes to attract tourists to the south of Urumqi tours snow, experience the joy of skiing. Based in Xinjiang, Hainan Orient Holiday travel agent, said five years ago for most people to Xinjiang, Hainan, skiing is too far away things, but by the publicity the past few years, and during the festival invited local travel Hong merchants to participate in, and now this ice and snow travel routes are very popular in Hainan. With the increase in popularity festival, Urumqi ski market matures, each snow season, there are a number of ski enthusiasts are active in various ski field, forming a beautiful landscape. Baiyun International Ski Leader Chen Liansheng told reporters that his ski area a few years ago when it opened just wants to come, when most people think skiing from the lives of ordinary people far away; but now, under the snow does not To keep a customer called to ask when the opening of the ski. Tourism and Culture "claim kinship" "There is no lack of unique tourism industry is dynamic, no culture of tourism is not viable." Urumqi, the concept has become a leader and tourism industry consensus. Five years, Xinjiang's unique West The domain of history, ethnic and religious, folk culture and tourism has "become attached to claim kinship" as the development of tourism boosters in Urumqi. Autonomous Region Tourism Administration expert advisory panel Professor Zhang Danlin, said in an interview, the customs, culture, and the Silk Road, Urumqi, regional characteristics, combined with tourism, and now with the Xinjiang Tourism market core competitiveness. The most representative than 7 Square Street. Uighur blinked charming girl with big eyes, bold rolling around in small children by the Palestinian eyes (Uyghur: the landlord), holding the Uighurs roasted Nang uncle ... ... these vivid Cloth dolls for many have been to 7 Square Street, full of praise for the foreign tourists, Tourism Bureau official said the 7 Square Street, so that the local characteristics and culture of Xinjiang, to display, so that the country in the world understand the unique cultural charm of Xinjiang Urumqi tourism also injected new cultural elements.