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Changxing Tourism: to achieve "from scratch" a historic leap

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Standing on the shore of Taihu Lake Yanbohaomiao, staring western sky and white landscape Head Mountains this land, Changxing blowing picture: She carved a quarter of a billion years ago, the eternal super great mass extinction, restored to the earth in prehistoric times memory; She brought the two hundred and seventy million years ago, ancient animals, has endless; her to the ancient Paleozoic plant life flourishing Ginkgo has endless; she was given 5,000 years of history and cultural meaning of plants to make tea lasts. With the era of mass tourism, the potential resources of this land rich again burst out new vigor and vitality, and carries numerous magical and wonderful ... ... As the "county" luster In recent years, the county government attaches great importance to tourism, to put on the tourism industry an important position, the tourism industry as the third leading industry of the advantages of industry and task, and achieved remarkable results. Implemented "from scratch" a historic leap. As the rapid rise of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, a open city, the economic strength of the Changxing County in 2009, the county's GDP (GDP) 242.32 billion, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 11.0%, of which the first tertiary industry added value of 8,492 million, an increase of 14.3%. According to reports, the year 2009, domestic visitors Changxing 4,600,000 passengers, an increase of 37%; inbound tourists 17,232 passengers, an increase of 35.1%; 3.1 billion of tourism revenue, an increase of 48%. Changxing, the rapid development of the tourism industry, causing the system of national and provincial tourism concerns, the industry was called "Eternal Phenomenon" and "Eternal experience", come to study the exchange of more than 60 peer-batch, more than 2,000 people. Characteristics of the early development of majestic bloom After several years of carefully building, majestic beginning of tourism development of Changxing, this has been the history of the birth of countless ancient and magical glow bright light. "Ecological wonders of the ancient tea culture, the Holy Land," the flagship called out the slogan of the Yangtze River Delta region and across the country, greatly enhanced the visibility of Changxing, Changxing economic and social development for the good boost to play the role, and has become the county strategic pillar industry of national economy. Inventory Changxing tourism development, can be described as bright scene, the prehistoric civilization, Wu Yue Holy Land, Emperor hometown, large Tanggong tea and flying dragons, and so constitute the blinds a beautiful picture Changxing. Changxing, the rapid development of tourism, promoting and enriching the people and projects that benefit the industry to upgrade and meet under the guidance of scientific concept of development of new tourism development orientation, and establish a new phenomenon of urban development reflects the new features Changxing tourism. Currently, the Changxing has gradually formed the basis of the tourism industry, transportation and logistics industry as the basis, leisure, cultural creativity, catering and accommodation jointly promote the tourism industry cluster pattern is unique in the county economic development; At the same time, tourism The rapid development of industry for the general public to provide a wealth of material cultural products, to effectively meet the spiritual needs of the masses, to improve people's living standards, transfer of rural labor have played a positive role as a coordinated development of urban and rural ties, more prominent effects and social effects of economic integration. Sharing enriching Huimin Changxing is a "livable", "should travel," "should learn", "should create" living home, leaping development of tourism to enhance the international garden city image and tourism industry has also led to the accumulation of resources for urban elements flow, creating a spiritual and cultural products Changxing new heights. Every weekend, municipal square, colorful public activities, the cultural feast Changxing Grand Theatre, the characteristics of street folk style brands, burgeoning modern landmarks, rural peasant music in the sweet smile of happiness, always reveals the Changxing people full of passion and progressive spirit. In creating rural tourism brand in the process, Changxing fully integrated folk culture, the formation of a "peasant music, agriculture, tourism park, agricultural festivals," the Trinity of specialty products, has built a city ravine Taoyuan Village, For Shan Bayberry leisure agriculture sightseeing garden, Tao Bay fishing village and a number of leisure and recreational agriculture sightseeing garden; successfully held the Plum Blossom Festival, Cherry Festival, mining Peach Festival, Yang Festival, Peach Blossom Festival, Grape Festival, Festival of Ginkgo agricultural festivals. All visitors to experience rural tourism lamented this "return to nature, enjoying the fragrant fields and the simple folk" feeling good! Different characteristics of the farm music like a strange one unique bonsai, brilliant, rich, dotted with towns, villages, converging to a beautiful charming landscape. Today, the county's rural tourism has been in the country with high visibility and highly favored by tourists all over, she also became farmers to improve quality of life and building the core of a new socialist countryside. In the development of tourism, industry, extension of the process, Changxing tourism always adhere to the "sharing" principle, to achieve multi-sectoral Partnering for Change, tourism development, and by the people of the county share. Especially in "a strong" process, the departmental interaction effect is more prominent members of the public to participate in the county to create, create strong activity "into the campus," "into the Park," "into the home" and create a strong social atmosphere, playing a very good role in the promotion. Meanwhile, the general public but also fully enjoy the benefits brought by tourism development, upgrading of toilets star, urban and rural bus line optimization, the rapid growth of urban and rural incomes, rural and urban patchwork pattern, etc. These are tangible results urban and rural tourism development has brought a powerful win-win situation confirmed.