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Preferential landing one after another boost international tourist island of

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From 2006 to 2010, which is known as 5-year history of the best economic and social development of Hainan, the fastest of the "Golden 5 years." According to authoritative estimates, from the "Tenth Five" at the end of 2005, to the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of 2010, Hainan's GDP is expected from the 90.503 billion yuan over 2000 billion; Hainan disposable income of urban residents from 8124 yuan is expected to rise to more than 15,000 yuan, Hainan ... ... Review the "Eleventh Five-Year", the overall strength significantly improved the face of significant changes in urban and rural areas, benefit more people, Hainan produced the "Eleventh Five-Year" History of respondents, give each a people is no doubt of Hainan surprise and pride. Wave cloud sly deceitful, ups and downs, hard and bitter, but remarkable achievements. No matter from which perspective, the "Eleventh Five-Year" are unforgettable five years. It is for the upcoming "second five" as well as future economic and social development over the longer term, left a valuable material and spiritual wealth, the island filled with tall raise the forward sails. The new century, new stage, new start. We take great time, true progress, full implementation of the "five-second" planning the requirements, so that living standards of people in Hainan to a new level! Inventory of Hainan "Eleventh Five-Year", there is no doubt the hottest word "international tourist island." Baidu, "international tourist island", with a time 0.015 seconds, you can find news about 6,710,000. This 6.71 million news behind the Hainan people played in the "forward curve" and toward the new range of the horn. Preferential landing one after another January 4, 2010, the first decade of the new century, the bell had just sounded, "the State Council on promoting the construction and development of international tourism in Hainan Island, a number of opinions" expectations of the people in Hainan released in a timely manner. As the country's major strategic plan, China will initially built in 2020, Hainan Island a world-class leisure destination, making it open to the island, Green Island, an island of civilization and harmony of the island. This is in Hainan province in 1988 following the special economic zone, the Hainan history and a landmark event. June 2010, "international tourism island of Hainan Development Plan" approved by the State Development and Reform Commission, an international tourism island of Hainan has pointed out the way forward. 2010 is an international tourism island of Hainan's first year. The whole province innovation, seize the opportunity, implement the plan, pushing the implementation of the State preferential policies given to the province, a number of major projects to promote landing. Currently, 26 countries visa-free entry policy, the domestic first yacht management practices and other countries for international tourism in Hainan Island, the construction of special policies are implemented by one floor.