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Solicitation tourism image, Xicheng District, slogan

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To enhance and improve the tourism image, Xicheng District, Xicheng District, the visibility of the tourism industry to achieve world targets high-end tourist destination, was launched by the Tourism Bureau of Xicheng District, now until January 15, 2011, open call for the community as a whole West Tourism image of the slogan. Xicheng District Tourism Bureau, said that this slogan to be able to reflect the historical and cultural characteristics, Xicheng District, with a sense of the times, with a strong attraction and appeal. General control of each slogan in 12 words or less, a maximum of 16 words. All applicants must be marked slogan real name, ID number, mailing address, zip code, telephone and so on. Candidates slogan should be original works, Xicheng District, Beijing Tourism Bureau selected the slogan of ownership. Participants can send mail directly to lvyj@mail.bjxch.gov.cn mailbox. Email subject "slogan, Xicheng District Tourism Image Submission" button, or visit the Western District Tourism Bureau website for details. Can also send letters to the Xicheng District, Beijing Tourism Bureau.