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Journey walks gist

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Give a travel, pedestrian between green hill green water should learn to walk. Master "Walk along road classics" person play easily, happy safe; Conversely criterion overworked, nervous, get hurt even.

One, Want not to jump , loosen crural ministry type walks, do not 3 paces make two paces go or scamper about, burdens of such ankle of can aggravating genu, cause crural ministry overworked or loss easily.

2, Want divide evenly not urgent, divide evenly fast walk most province physical strength, and be helpful for maintaining good state of mind, urgent one rests on foot means creates psychological bear easily, and bring about the most weighty.

3, Go quickly be being returned slow, energy of go on a journey and mood are more relaxed and happy in the morning, can put measure a bit quickly a little on foot, dusk return should go a few slower, notice often extend loosens one offal ministry, lest fatigue joint, tendon gets hurt.

4, Go rank do not walk along slope , stone rank goes as far as possible when fluctuation hill, walk along mountain range brae less. Such relatively accord with join forces learns to ask with physiology, safe save labour.

5, Go hard not to go soft , walk on the firm ground such as cement, bitumen, flag, although much cent is drab, but more reasonable to sufficient ministry protection, also wait for soft ground to walk than be in meadow, flood land, wet ground more province interest and safety.

6, Avoid slippery acerbity , the attention chooses road surface to compare the area with dry or large coefficient of friction to walk, would rather circle bit of road to go from more acerbity snow ground, careless slope sometimes, also do not go slippery to put face, sanded Shi Po on the ice dangerously again. Safety of in an attempt to.

When to have again relevantNote:
1, should wear smooth with the shoe, be like travel shoe, climbing boot, do not wear shoe of high-heeled shoes, sponge cake;
2, carry matter with pocket most save labour, it is knapsack of double shoulder type next, need not disperse as to energy so, can teach relaxed freely to walk, conversely, thin shoulder satchel and portable article are most arduous;
3, go to going out before circuit due and preliminary understanding, if ask the way of interrogative much mouth avoids to treat unjustly a road, do not " feeling stone to cross a river " rush about.

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