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Outdoors how to use surface features to sentence orientation

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When travel comes a completely new place, especially colour of sky is dark, desolate place outside of town of big mist mist is field, some people often are met dizziness changes direction, differentiate is not clear thing north and south, such meetings bring difficulty to travel, in the meantime, also can produce risk. Right now, if do not have the special apparatus of fixed position, but surface features of have the aid of will decide direction:

1. Independent large tree normally south branches and leaves is flourish, bark is smooth; In the leaf is few and far between, bark is coarse. Its south, green grass is normally flourish, in damper, long have lichenous.

2. Building and hillock, snows melts more in slow, and earthy hole cave the place is contrary.

3. Much Xiang Na opens the door window of the front door of the temple with our country bigger north, pagoda and rural independent house.

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