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By plane before it what eat is good to what eat?

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Travel to have a lot of profit admittedly by plane, but should avoid to appear when taking a plane unwell feeling, still need to accomplish 3 avoid:

One, avoid eats too fully. The condition of headroom can make food produces a large number of gas inside body. Eat too fully, impose heavy heart and the burden that blood circulates on one hand, can cause on the other hand disgusting, vomiting, airsick wait for " flight ill " .

2, avoid edible much fiber and the food that produce gas easily. Human body the gas inside 5000 meters of headroom, body relatively increase when the ground double, if eat this kind of food, cover tightly with respect to can aggravating bosom when the flight abdominal distension feeling.

3, avoid takes food too fat with the food that contains many animal protein. Because of these although food eats Libuduo, but its are discharged hard inside the stomach empty, the flight is in sky, same meeting makes gastric bowel expands.

By plane passenger, wait for the change of the element as a result of height, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, the human body when the flight needs to use up higher quantity of heat. So, should notice to absorb tall caloric food in food, ability ensures health. The 1 before boarding a plane commonly - 1 . 5 hours, the particular case with respective basis is optional feed; Liver of vegetable of biscuit, mug-up, noodle, yogurt, greenery, lean lean, animal, confiture, fruit.

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