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Jewel of go on a journey: How to choose to suit oneself travel danger

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Many person plan shortly will come " 11 " golden week China and foreign countries gives travel, what need reminds is, what an equal travel a place difficult of access buys to be able to ensure journey undoubtedly before go on a journey is safe, a few popular travel danger are recommended below, give the option before travel for everybody.

1, traffic accident danger

Too protect produce the Jun Anhang of danger: Every insurance cost 100 yuan, insurance period 1 year. Wait to taking car, train, ship and plane

The harm that happen provides insurance, can provide 200 thousand yuan of 500 thousand yuan of planes, trains (the subway, light course) the safeguard of 100 thousand yuan of ship, cars. If insurant often is away on official business at ordinary times, should take afore-mentioned all sorts of vehicle, the proposal is taken the advantage of when buying travel a place difficult of access, cast defend this kind of insurance, need not buy boat idea a place difficult of access every time.

How does birthday traffic amount to the country card (A) : Every 20 yuan, insurance period 10 days. Provide insurance to taking the car, train, ship and plane harm that happen, insurance amount is a plane 400 thousand yuan, the train (the subway, light course) , ship 200 thousand yuan, car 20 thousand yuan. Suit to have the tourist of short-term need.

2, integrated travel danger

Range of safeguard of integrated travel danger is very wide, covered the safeguard such as allowance of compensation of gold of insurance of accident die, deformity, burn, accident medicine, accident be in hospital, each insurance company rolled out danger of many each distinctive travel this year.

Safe life danger " connect 10 thousand lis " card: This insurance lay particular stress on is ensured at traffic accident, cent is 3 class, the price is ordinal it is 200 yuan, 250 yuan, 300 yuan, insurance period 1 year. With the safeguard of 300 yuan of this first gears the project looks, include accident of 2 million yuan of aviation, 150 thousand yuan train, ship, car safeguard, 50 thousand yuan journey is accident safeguard, 5000 yuan journey safeguard of medical treatment of be in hospital.

Accident of individual of friendly nation Baoan plans nearly: Medical treatment ensures accident of this insurance lay particular stress on, 4 kinds of different plans that keep the specified number can offer an alternative. With B the plan is exemple, insurance period 1 year, insurance cost 333 yuan, offerred safeguard is: 50 thousand yuan accident die, disable, 50 thousand yuan times doubler give accidentally pay, 5000 yuan / second medical treatment charge, 500 yuan / the allowance of be in hospital of week.

Too the danger that maintain life ensures a plan integratedly nearly accidentally: This insurance the safeguard of each respect is relatively balanced, cent is diamond card, platinic Jin Ka and halcyon to block 3 kinds. It is with platinic Jin Ka exemple, insurance period 1 year, insurance cost 368 yuan, offerred safeguard is as follows: Accident die, deformity 250 thousand yuan, accident burn 80 thousand yuan, accident door / emergency call, be in hospital 8000 yuan, allowance of accident be in hospital 100 yuan / day.

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