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How to load scientificly in the journey

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Go out travel, a lot of people bale the suffering that many pickaback carry casket cans be imagined, when travelling to make you load bear strain less, introduce a few kinds of methods now:

1. Load means wants science:

Should use " double thin shoulder carries on the arm " , divide the clog two namely, using the string with right length, belt to wait is firm, around is built go up in the shoulder, with the likeness back a law of Lian of our country Da. Carry out a proof, this kind loads means compares a back, carry, portable can save energy respectively 9% , 29% with 44% , can vacate both hands to take care of the child, take give ticket or refer small thing to wait.

2. Walk the pose wants reasonable:

1) waist is straight. Person waist is straight, the meeting when loading feels more relaxed and comfortable, disappear energy consumption is small, relatively can abiding.

2) centre of gravity is firm. Load centre of gravity maintains to stabilize when walking, ability freelies smoothly, avoid to fall drop sprain.

3) places a hand. Load when walking, best when can one hand elephant walks at ordinary times in that way, accompanying footstep around to swing, such more harmonious nature, benefit feels at reducing fatigue.

4) divide evenly fast. Load walk most avoid is fast, slow, tighten a few conditions, stop a few paces, step and pace fast should as far as possible even.

Additional, when extracting the shoulder on the clog, do not want to copy flop suddenly; When exhaustion, should timely take a rest, can make the person maintains self-confident sense so, prevent accident sprain.

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