Xinjiang A Ke Suxin discovers mysterious big gorge

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Tourist of in former years is swimming when Xinjiang, connect a car to keep through Akesu, but later may special attention this place, because a car that compare a library discovered over there recently,big gorge gets much gorge greatly. This year the first time on newspaper will report churchyard of lukewarm old county discovered big gorge in November, I stirred the thought that goes having a look, after appearing in the newspaper the 2nd times, I fall decided determination. We a 5 people will hurry to Akesu late on December 11, guide in the friend of lukewarm old county the following day below, before cent takes two cross-country cars, toward the library Doulu overcomes big gorge. After the road that had taken 20 kilometers, entered a shortcut that takes very hard, the person of lead the way goes wrong road, because the forked path over there is too much, and landforms is very similar also. After 10 kilometers advanced on sodden road, saw the import of gorge eventually. This is wide the cereal opening that has more than 300 meters, cent is two bigger gorge inside, ground dispute often makes the same score whole riverbed, both sides is rufous hill, just began hill not quite tall, go to more li of hill that walks along both sides is taller, hill wall is abrupter also. And cliff and summit also show all sorts of model. Of sheep having an elephant, of head of seal having an elephant, hero of people having an elephant is monumental, return head of orangutan having an elephant, those who resemble stone forest, wheat of water elephantine a day accumulates hill, be in the place that one kilometer controls the mouth that be apart from cereal, have two living introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad poplar actually, and there still is greenery part of a historical period on the tree, this is two only trees in whole gorge. More amazed is, I discovered a flock of yak in a not quite wide channel, have more than 30 about. Because hear here has boar, when seeing far so, I still think is boar, not by an insecurity, plan take flight at any time. But see their all is gone to inside go, strong bravery followed, ability discovery is a flock of elephants the ox is same but build follows the guy with about the same sheep (listening to local to say later is feral yak) . They are like not terrible, but also do not wish to be close to with the person, we approach a bit, they are retreated a bit, maintaining certain distance from beginning to end.

Still encountered a goatherd here, it is a boy of the Uygur nationality that is taking a dog. Chinese word says not quite well, I was communicated with saying not quite good dimension sign and him. He says here cries " Kuludouke " (do not know why the interpret on newspaper is made " Kudouluke " ) , he puts a sheep here, share more than 300, be the pubic. He lives there in a dingle. He still says, this paragraph of time came recently a lot of people, once 4 cars came.

What this big gorge wants to compare library car is big much, we were calculated through the odograph on the car, car of a gorge can walk along 9.8 kilometers, walk again hundreds of meters of ice waterfall that encountered one treaty to have two meters tall, because a chance is taken in the hand child, cannot go up, be removed then, do not know above it is what appearance. Another gorge car can leave all the time go out, gave gorge to be able to see the snow mountain of far. The widest place has gorge about 400 meters, top part has cliff about 889 meters, be just as a knife to cut general, our car was lost sight of quickly below cliff. Because do not have wide-angle lens, the has imposing manner scenery that has a lot of cannot be patted.

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