The enlightenment that obelisk of A Kesu Mu returns to

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Already had 1700 obelisk of A Kesu Mu is the mark with old and civilized Ethiopia. But 1937 Italy is occupational when dust a place of strategic importance, be swept past to go to Rome by the Buddhist nun in fascist dictator Mo Suo, those who regard conquer as dust a place of strategic importance is indicative and erect around Jun Shitan fourth arch. Went 68 years, the obelisk of A Kesu Mu of twists and turns of all previous classics came home eventually nowadays. On April 25, an Andongnuofu, 124 giant conveyor is holding last share obelisk of A Kesu Mu, safety descends on the runway of airport of A Kesu Mu of north of dust a place of strategic importance. Before this, of obelisk the first mix 22 days in 19 days early or late with the 2nd part by country of empty carry back.

this the 24 meters tall, colossus that weighs 160 tons is airborne to 10 thousand lis of Akesumugu besides city, not be a simple thing absolutely. In those days, italian fascist is legionary obelisk carry back 5 parts ever broke up it when Rome, the maritime voyage that passes two months transfers Naples harbor, have a change of luck will reach of the same age in September Rome. This airborne before, be opposite to decrease of obelisk destroy, personnel of Italian project technology is brushed in the surface of obelisk went up carbolic element coating and colophony.

According to the agreement that dust meaning two countries reachs, italy is assumed be carried entirely and rebuild charge. Original, the engineering budget that Italy is carried to obelisk and rebuilds is 1.5 million euro certainly, but later because project technology difficulty is greater, budgetary dimensions enlarges 6 million euro. The explanation says the Keluoxi of Roman college professor that is in charge of this airborne task, as a result of technical reason, italy fails to put in obelisk 's charge to still give dust a place of strategic importance tardy. He says, for the angle from the technology, airborne and such giant obelisk is very difficult, because want to have long research and test, in order to ensure airborne won't cause damage to obelisk.

Now, the experts that are hired by U.N. Educational are seeking the seat with this original obelisk in Akesumu, they plan to will make it new and erect rise in September this year.

The Ethiopia is to have historical civilization is ancient 3000 country. Highland of dust a place of strategic importance and green Nile water system ever fed famed the Akesumu at the world is civilized. Obelisk of A Kesu Mu is built at 4 centuries period of dynasty of A Kesu Mu, engrave on four sides have anaglyph, modelling is elegant, be regarded as Aisaigudai's civilized delegate. Akesumu is original a monument that comprises by 7 obelisk group, among them 5 already collapsed. Two when remain a medium 33 meters tall, it is the mankind erect the highest stone tablet that have. The openly sculpture of this monument gives a 9 layer structures, the everything needed is ready such as the door, window, bridge. Another 24 meters tall, one side is being carved below tablet top the design of similar shield. What was swept past to go to Rome by Mosuolini 1937 is this monument.

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