Day foot of a hill issues divine wood garden

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A day by July, we set out along with viatic group, destination is the divine wood garden below day foot of a hill. Garden of wood of day hill god is located in A Kesu area churchyard of lukewarm old county, cover an area of 680 mus, height above sea level 1700 meters, there are about a hundred to survive inside garden on the Gu Shu of chiliad above, configuration is unusual, provide extremely view and admire a gender, be called " desert bright phearl " . The car runs quickly all the way, crossed lukewarm old county, do not see a bit green. Highway is forward in run-down signs of human habitation, desert desert outspread, extend Xiang Tianshan foot to fall all the time. When just when the eye looks at the bleak outlook outside the window,looking very fatiguely, someone says: "See that a bit green, that is divine wood garden. That is divine wood garden..

Look to far, the green of a bit extraordinary appeared abruptly in the grave of desert uncultivated land with a tonal yellow, as little green place bigger and bigger, become a big oasis that look as far as one can cannot use up greatly, the car sails entered divine wood garden. Take garden door, above all of greet is Zhang Ding of deceased and famous artist a of inscribe of garden of wood of god of the hill that it is a day " gigantic wood assist " prose poem: Think gigantic wood gets the flower of life, get the healthy atmosphere of heaven and earth, the demand because of life, inexorable, or rise again, or smoke again new. Tempest agitate, time brings a great change to the worlds, read aloud the leisurely of heaven and earth, solid the rarely content that is China earth, of ethos indicative.

Inside thorough garden, ancient wood leisurely, block day my day, fragrant grass is luxuriant, chan of running water Chan, phlogistic hot summer enrages a disappear, it is one lies fallow really the good place that be away for the summer holidays. Follow the tourist guide sets foot on a flight of stairs with one class wooden class, of the footstep that hears us only, tourist guide explain, blast the sound of flatus sound and running water, be too quiet really in the garden. Be in to living every day in blatant and noisy city for us, divine wood garden is an a haven of peace simply. Go down hillside upgrade, 100 state ground presents ancient Mu Qianzi of chiliad of one plant individual plant before us. There is apricot inside garden, poplar, more than 320 kinds of plants such as tree of cap of willow, Yu, mulberry, pagoda tree, flocculus, some is truncal and straightforward forceful, develop blue sky continuously; Some tree roots are already bare in the ground, maintain tenaciously green shade; Some is truncal and labyrinthian circle, stick the ground and be born, still green desire is strong; Some is truncal had cracked for two half, craze part grew new branch again however. Gu Shu's name also does not have new idea, "Sea of 9 dragon agitate " , " crocodile gives a pool " , " willow of revive from death " , " chiliad arrow poplar " , " husband and wife is cultivated " , " Shuang Fei of dried meat Yu " , name and the pattern that establish itself are very apt. These are ancient plant each trunk of a tree tree age is in chiliad above, cultivate height not only, truncal thick, and branch numerous Xie Mao, almost each individual plant is OK alone Mu Chenglin, each tree shows exuberant vitality. One individual plant is covered an area of amount to 2.9 mus, block day my day, name is " lie dragon " willow, make us praise greatly. This tree is broken off by thunder a few years ago, still live tenaciously however come down, 4 go out to four circumference slowly again on Cong Shugen truncal, truncal the benefit that resembles dragon is ungual, whole if large tree grows howl with a Yangtian, desire rise high into the air and the megalosaurus that go, let a person feel amazed, mysterious, do not plaint by the ground of nature god magical.

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