Artificial structure tourist attraction -- 9 dragon pool

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9 dragon pool is the fountainhead place that carat Ma depends on a river, be located in carat Ma to wear city scenery to take according to the river head, east inside area of outskirt chute scene. The gigantic Tan Hezhou that this scene area basically issues by the artificial chute that makes an appointment with 8 meters high, chute surrounds the lawn of afforest forest belt of large area to form. Chute fountainhead comes from wind to overcome the flow with rapid trunk canal from inside the mouth of a megalosaurus among ejective, the spew rate that uses water and natural gravity are formed wide the huge fall that makes an appointment with 10 meters, the 8 dragon mouth that the both sides cent of chute lists also at the same time ejective water column, make a pair of huge water corridor. It is a tremendous rectangle answers word swag below chute, the blue waves inside the pool ripples, two side have Tan Shangdong each on the west the islands in pool of join of a little arch bridge, become the thoroughfare of huge pool of over or across. Huge pool all around the flat that is granite shop front, the rose in the flower bed of two side, 10 thousand flowers such as Shou Ju are opened unexpectedly, the green lawn of the flowers of the ornament is on brae.

To foil 9 lifelike dragon, still provided craftsmanship ground to build structure of a group of archaize quite on the large dams of transverse section trunk canal, total floor area amounts to 600 square metre about. The two anise office that has the both sides that distribute a line, a covered corridor or walk that is located in an an arch over a gateway in the middle of and join arbor and an arch over a gateway, in huge pool two side also have a covered corridor or walk to make an appointment with 100 meters. In scene area, the person spreads the floor tile of the red green alternate with that set on travel ground, beautiful and neat. A few brand-new phonebooths reflected an architect to be with the person this thought. That towers aloft high, the 9 dragon pool that the street lamp of each different makes curtain of night falls does not have model one time charm is whole building carve bridge draws column, colour is gorgeous, have full-bodied ethical distinguishing feature. Regard artificial architectural as travel tourist attraction, the great attention of 9 dragon pool with causing tourist, since tourist attraction building, before having a lot of tourist everyday, will visit, take a picture, it has become broad citizen to feel honored bank river the first scene.

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