Carat Ma depends on travel notes

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A few years ago, be being depended on with respect to Ma of hear of carat is lowest of index of an air pollution, the oily city of famed Yu Quanjiang, so I am looking forward to to be able to arrive over there all the time amuse oneself.

This summer, longed to let a person expect long already amuse oneself opportunity eventually, the excitement with right now clinking mood, as if oneself age also subsequently decrescent a lot of. The night before before leaving, always feel night is so endless, so indissoluble person meaning, slept very long also do not see dawn shoots house, shine quickly, shine quickly, my silent is reading aloud. The heart ased if to already set foot on journey. Arrived in the morning, what the daughter of ferial love dillydally and my movements also changes is deft rise, very fast car runs quickly to go up in capacious freeway, this day of weather also appears fine all the more, I and daughter follow music often hum singing ditty, the eye hopes never-ending of all kinds car is gallopping, side side hears the speed voice like wind ceaselessly, this let me feel social progress, the achievement of builder and traffic give a person brought advantage. Associate as feeling, relaxation mood, left to depended on the road of the city to go up into carat Ma insensibly, this is big wildcat completely in our eye all the way, breathing is fresh air, right now not by let me be witnessed, experience do not pursue the gravitation of the oily city of undeserved reputation was in.

The following day, the 3rd day. . . . . . We also are considered do not get journey overworked, with respect to amuse oneself of a day of a tourist attraction 9 dragon pool, black oily hill. Carat Ma depends on a well. Devil city. Exhibition. They have each glamour, this lets me do not stop shut up tongue wants state: "9 dragon pool is the fountainhead place that carat Ma depends on, this scene basically is mixed by the artificial chute that makes an appointment with 8 meters high all round the lawn of afforest forest belt of large area is formed. Chute from inside the mouth of a megalosaurus among ejective, the 8 dragon mouth that both sides cent lists also at the same time ejective water column makes corridor of a tremendous water. Huge pool the rose in two side flower bed. The 10 thousand flowers such as Shou Ju are opened eagerly, the green lawn that adorns flowers is on brae. Regard artificial architectural as travel tourist attraction----9 dragon pool causes tourist great attention, hear to before having a lot of tourists everyday, be visited, take a picture. It already became broad citizen to feel honored bank river the first scene.

Carat Ma is located in the airport according to a well south. After new China is born, the boom of borer woke up sleep deeply the black oily hill of thousand all ages, opened the veil with black oily mysterious hill, the oil in a steady stream that makes bury is in underground pours out of humanness civilian benefit. To 1955 the country sent team check for many times 1951. On June 16, 1955 by alone hill child 1219 youths are gotten into the team, exploitation gives this well, be a well surely and with established tablet commemoration day in October 1982, it is indicating the discovery of oil field.

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