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The night that carat Ma depends on is not halcyon. Want you to look carefully only, go listening attentively, go turning everywhere, the mouth asks more, you can discover, the night of our city is so many colour unexpectedly, so rich, so Bacchic, so attractive.

Now, we open curtain of night with respect to hold up, go seeing carat Ma depend on the person's night life together.

Say to learn first

Came off work, eat a meal, all sorts of grooming class also with respect to begin school. English, calligraphy, go, bead dance of mental arithmetic, street, gymnastic, taekwondo, computer, art, composition groom the class attracted numerous adult and child.

Whole town centers quite groom dot -- , center of worker culture activity, at ordinary times every night 3 two classes are in begin school, amount to 45 classes in the evening on the weekend, student about a hundred.

The reporter sees, edifice three-pair on class of an English study, 89 adults are greening jade with golden hair the female teacher of the eye chats. From a crack between a door and its frame faint transmit: "Soryy, I Don T Know Your Mean... " the staff member says, student and outside teaching is to use English communication completely here.

On art class, " mix " the reporter tells in the lady among a flock of children, do not have the child, do not have a thing, like again, signed up. She says: "Do not have hope for what to accomplish, it is good to like. It is good to like..

In elevator, the child while in high spirits that just learning street dance is in dance. The books of the library borrows read reading room of periodical of room, electron, computer to groom computer room, greet to the dusk large quantities of guest. One will attend computer class the lady says: "Knowledge always is met useful. Take the advantage of young learn more bit right. " in reading room of library electron periodical, a few computer are placed 4, every 3 computer become a space that closes partly oneself. People gets online here the news that browse, consult data, chat with the good friend on the net.

In periodical reading room, hundreds of kinds of periodical " stand " go up in the wall, await a reader silently. "Although here is noiseless breathed, but each paper is recounting or the story with cool or cheerful Bei, a Demosthenic viewpoint... hold a book in both hands, you have a rich world. " one just stepped into library building, the reader that often comes here to read a book says.

Lie fallow besides

As long as weather is not bad, after dinner, the person that 9 dragon pool, A forces and other places of market of square of reservoir, center, culture according to the library is met rise more. The parking lot of 9 dragon pool stops full size car, old, little, male, female, or between running water of rambling green grass, enjoy the moist of this desert Changjiang Delta and green meaning; Or idle sits in water edge, see wave of a path water be approached from far, escape to distance at high speed again; Or stand at " bibcock " on, water seeing a river how roaring and come, resemble having countless fish bouncing meantime, whether can him imagination establish Yu Chao head and do not fall; Or develop cataract, fine those who taste the flavor of the feeling of water, water, water is cool and refreshing...

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