Water is depended on in carat Ma dance

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There is a river before my door, carat Ma depends on a river.

Carat Ma is depended on do not have a river originally, carat Ma finished diversion works with time of 5 years according to the person, draw this river. Then, this thirst city of a few years had water, had one the portion is damp clever.

Carat Ma depends on a river the name wears city river, full-length 8.51 kilometers, the river is about 15 meters wide. Enter a country from northeast of the city zone, flow via 20 styles the little bridge of each different, in coastal of a covered corridor or walk of green of one hundred and fifty-eight thousand one hundred square metre cluster round below, leisurely collects a habitat -- , A straps reservoir according to the library.

Take a walk in central scene area

The catchment that my constant goes to taking a walk is the is central scene area place that people says, it is located in carat Ma to depend on the middle of the river, it is the enjoy the cool ground with the coastal and best people of house.

Dusk time, the person of in twos and threes is making an appointment to come to central scene area, come in this picture like the poem.

The baluster of white marble is carved to get exquisitely carved, protecting water of a green jade more appear pure and fresh and refined. The small bridge arch of of primitive simplicity is on river side, winding stone diameter is inclined between the green mattress in two sides. White arbor alone and stand, the culture a covered corridor or walk of red made of baked clay Bai Zhu 9 18 turns.

The day darkens gradually, lamp of street lamp, ground, lawn lamp begins bits and pieces to be aspersed, nearby friendship big bridge also time excessive colour, scatter fall full river broken silver, jin Bo sparkles.

The river range below friendship big bridge is relatively wide, build in the river have large music fountain, fountain is fluctuating as music all sorts of pattern bear down on a few meters headroom, the colored lantern of underwater also as musical rhythm ignore bright ignore dark. At that time, a lot of people climb to protect column to go up, extend the drip that the hand thinks to catching headroom falls. I had heard a the most classical word, a child says to mom: Mom, water start dance comes really good-looking.

The bank here is broader also. Northern part is to well balanced stage pavilion is linked together, there is ornament of style of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces south. People often goes to here to stop, enjoy the dim light of night with this many colorful appearance to the top of one's bent, the person that has romance more helps the partner beside along with fountain music extemporaneous and dance.

Heibei bank still has two to be in ground fountain, it is the heaven of children. Between the water column of as one falls, children are taking aim empty shelves is worn into wear piece, bump not carefully with ejective water wearing, all over immediately drenched. Station aside adult also was done not have at ordinary times when child dabble alarmed, laugh ah breathe out the child that looks at oneself to be irrigated soaked through.

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