The cradle that carat Ma depends on----Black oily hill

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This is an exciting place, trailblazer people the desert that woke up sleep deeply all ages here; This is a place that makes a person unforgettable, ma of carat of cropland of the first lard of new China depends on oil field, be here namely first time is ejective Hei Liangliang's crude oil; It is a natural oil geology exhibition, it is the faithful testimony of phylogeny of Xinjiang oil industry. This makes the place of global tourist be charmed, the name cries -- black oily hill.  

Watch black oily hill nearly

"Bubble, bubble... " an oily bubble of another Hei Liangliang appears from underground come, much, become with respect to agglomeration stream, arrive from the summit hillside, dripping slowly. This is a typical landscape on the black oily hill of midsummer.

Black oily hill reposes in carat Ma to depend on urban northeast two kilometers place, look far, it is an ordinary black hill only. Want to see black oily hill, must approach ability appreciate it.

In burning hot summer, be on black oily hill, can see the stone that supporting to grave rank both sides, concave and convex connecting concave and convex, like a honeycomb-like thing general. Some places bake next fusing in the broil of burning sun, walk, stick, soft, each pace resembles walking on sponge. Does in this one old principle columns of a hall Ai of C of expostulate with  hope does king crab of gum of  Xing Huan break entangled  to flinch Qiang of  of  of sunlight of You of instruct of leg   standing tall and upright delays pay of Nao of impossible of Lv of Cu of  of lie of crotch dumpling  secretly does dainty of U of Qian of Bai Pang round Chang protect  Hong?

Wind He Rili when, each oil pool resembles the mirror with differ size of one side area, "Hill of black oil of solar cloud shadow, the drunk inkstone that asperse Chinese ink turns over the ruler of heaven " , feel this is best to it appearance only. Abrupt, blast blast cool breeze has been blown, bright and clean lens removed wrinkle on the face, at that time, your shadow in oily pool also is blown so that wave drift swing.

In Chi Bian take a photo as a souvenir is very interesting, shutter presses, lens in advance can leave two you, one is to stand in what go up by the side of oily pool you, another is mirrorred namely in your inverted image in oily pool.

It is a magical spring really.

   The origin of landforms

Actually, black oily hill cannot be true hill, it is an underground crude oil only long-term outside after excessive, becomes via decency bitumen grave.

According to expert introduction, the formation of black oily hill but restrospect to 1 million years before. Await in those days, the lithosphere moves the subterranean oil that makes basin of accurate Ga Er rich spills over the ground, formed the oil spring with a lot of differ size. Black oily hill is in next a place with a draught that adding the hill that depend on Er fitly, after showing the earth's surface, because its are light qualitative part is volatilized and become ropy, the grit that wraps clip with fierce wind, dust is jumbly, condense together, slowly solidify becomes bitumen grave. Day after day, year answer a year, flat the earth's surface gradually apophysis " abdomen " , jump over dash forward taller, formed grave of a flock of natural petroleum pitch finally. "Carat Ma is depended on " be in language of Wei Wu Er " black oil " meaning, today's carat Ma is depended on, be called in those days " black oily hill " , this name results from that is magical on grave of that natural bitumen and Qiu Ding from excessive oil spring.

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